Apple Search Ads - Intelligent Entrusting

Combined with App Store data and exclusive smart advertising algorithm of AppBi, the mode simulates manual operation based on machine learning to achieve automatic advertising of Search Ads without your own word-selection and bid adjustment. No operation is required during advertising, the machine automatically advertises in 24-hour monitoring for safe entrusting.

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Smart Ads Effect Forecasting.

Before advertising:
Monitor your app's basic information, keywords and ratings based on your app;
Match high quality keywords with high relevance and search priority aumatically;
Forecast daily conversions and CPA costs on the basis of intelligent algorithom.
Get to know probable details in advance!


Simplest Process with 3 Steps to Get Started.

Make complexed search ads easier and save more time for other things.


Flexible Settings for Target Users.

Select your optimizing goal:
from reduce CPA or expand traffic, the system will constantly optimize and adjust keywords and bids to achieve your goal.
Find target users: it helps you to find target users from device, gender, age, location and many other aspects.
Make conversions more accurate and effective.


Intelligent Bidding of Automatic Search Ads.

Under the intelligent entrusting mode, there's no need for you to add keywords yourself. The system will automatically match keywords of high relevance and large search volume combined with bidding situation.
During advertising, the system will monitor data for 7x24h.
Based on ad data and goal, it will adjust bids in real time to reach your goal.
If something abnormal, it will send your a notification timely and solve problem automatically.


Overview Report with Synchronized Official Data.

Provide multidimensional data report of campaign:Spend, Impressions, Taps, Conversions, Average CPT (cost per tap), Average CPA (cost per acquisition), Tap Rate,Conversion Rate, Rankings and other detailed data and historical changes.


Accurate User Analysis and Clear User Portrait.

Provide multidimensional users data analyzing tool:
Comprehensive analysis of users' device, gender, age, location and historical trend from Spend, Impressions, Taps, Conversions, Average CPT (cost per tap), Average CPA (cost per acquisition), Tap Rate,Conversion Rate and other detailed data.
Be clear of the user portraits of those who have downloaded your app by clicking search ads.

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