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Ads Delivery and Data Service Based on Massive Data


AppBi Ads Delivery

Quick Delivery: Make Ads delivery easier with guidance and tips.

Suggested Keywords: Relying on analysis on apps relevance and competitors' metadata, AppBi recommends more keywords 10 times than Apple.

Smart Bid: Bid for bidding keywords smartly to save every penny!

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AppBi Data Analysis

Monitor 3.4 million apps and track 2.2 million keywords.

Multiple data analysis on popularity, priority and competitiveness of bidding keywords.

Provide timely ads effects analysis and optimizing suggestions including CPA, TTR, CR......

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Successful Cases in AppBi


Weather Radar



AppBi Go extended 1231 keywords for the app and conversions are raised by 20%.


5th Grade Math Games for Kids



AppBi Go extended 1694 keywords for the app and impressions are raised by 9.02%.


Shellnet - Private VPN Proxy



AppBi Go set 121 negative keywords for the app, greatly increasing conversion rate and reducing CPA by 32.58%.

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APPBI INC — Apple Search Ads Intelligent Bidding and Data Analyzing Platform, is committed to analyzing and applying App Store data with millions of apps, keywords and Search Ads data. AppBi independently researches and develops an intelligent bidding algorithm to provide developers with simple and powerful Apple Search Ads intelligent advertising system and data analysis tools combined with the App Store big data, so that developers enjoy more simple and more efficient Search Ads service through big data and new technology whose every penny is spent far more valuably.

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