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Use Practical App Store Optimizing Steps to Make Your App Fascinating

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Developing an iOS app is a good way to accumulate users to gradually form a relatively stable business model. After the app has been developed, the most important thing is to promote it and gain lots of downloads. Although there are various promoting strategies written by kinds of platforms, the simplest one may be the optimization of app on App Store to the most. That is why we do ASO or ASM.

App Store will list searching ranks of apps on the basis of the relevance between apps’ features and users’ searching terms. It is called algorithm as we know. Actually, the algorithms of App Store are very complexed. They are the results acted by lots of factors. The basic optimizing method is to raise app ranking, impressions, downloads and conversions.

Have your taken any measures to improve the above metrics?

1. An Eye-catching Icon

Although an icon cannot fully reflect an app’s quality and practicality, an eye-catching icon is still a very important factor of the optimization on App Store. An icon is the first thing that comes into users’ eyes and makes an important impression on them, so it is important to create an attractive icon. It may help your app stand out at the first glance.

Here are some good samples of icons for references:


Certainly, an icon not only can be eye-catching but also can vividly express the features of an app. What’s more, when a user has downloaded your app, if it can attract user’s eyes among all of the kinds of apps is very important. Developers need to make repeated test to create a best icon.

2. Descriptive Name

When spanand name versus descriptive name, which one would you choose?

A spanand name is helpful to raise spanand recognition and app’s downloads. However, in the long run, it is better to create a descriptive name. Try to choose a name that can accurate describe apps’s features and style. It will be good for users to understand the app.


You should firstly understand what your app is going to do? Who are the target users? What does your app help users solve? And after making these clear, you can choose an attractive name for your app before releasing.

3. Impressive Screenshots

The impressive screenshots can attract more users to download. The screenshots will vividly show features and help users to understand the app deeply. Note that do not boast app’s features overly. Screenshots should display the app’s core features and main style in actual using situation. After releasing a new version, don’t remember to show the new points of screenshots.


4. Related Keywords

The optimization of keywords is one of the most important attempts of App optimization. The search results on App Store are displayed based on App name and keywords settings. As for keywords, developers can enter 100 characters to the most and need to enter those that are most relative to app’s metadata.

Also, when developers are setting keywords, they need to consider what users may type when searching an app. Many tools can help developers to analyze the relevance and difficulty of keywords and balance them.

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