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How to Effectively Use and Manage Negative Reviews of Apps?

2017-08-03 2127 INSIGHT

Apps’ reviews have great effect on their conversions and download. Appbi data has researched numerous apps and found that some apps’ reviews have not updated for several months. Also, some apps have lots of negative reviews without any dealing or responding, which may cause bad impression and experience for users.

How to Optimize App Title and Increase Impressions on App Store?

2017-08-02 2405 INSIGHT

During the optimization of apps on App Store, app title has been more and more important and gradually caught majority of developers’ attention. Therefore, we researched the methods to optimize app title and here share with you.

Use Practical App Store Optimizing Steps to Make Your App Fascinating

2017-08-01 2006 INSIGHT

Developing an iOS app is a good way to accumulate users to gradually form a relatively stable business model. After the app has been developed, the most important thing is to promote it and gain lots of downloads. Although there are various promoting strategies written by kinds of platforms, the simplest one may be the optimization of app on App Store to the most. That is why we do ASO or ASM.

AppBi Report July 2017

2017-08-01 4606 REPORT

AppBi report for Apple Search Ads of July 2017. Include data analysis and real cases.

How can Reviews Influence Keywords Rankings?

2017-07-28 2454 INSIGHT

Many developers have this question: how can the review of their apps influence the keywords ranking? Here Appbi will give the answer.

Use Three Layer Filtering to Reduce CPA

2017-07-25 2075 INSIGHT

As for the Apple Search ads, the initial method is to set keywords as brand names, competitor keywords and industrial keywords or expand more words through fuzzy matching. Actually, search match and negative keywords can have more meanings. If developers can use them well, they will achieve amazing effects. However, majority of developers may ignore their existence.

Avoid These Tiny Traps to Achieves Better Effect of Apple Search Ads

2017-07-25 2498 INSIGHT

Apple search ads has been available for over nearly one year and gained much attention. As the increase of data samples, we gradually get familiar of the system. However, many developers may ignore the tiny traps made by Apple.

Get the 23 Basic Points of Apple Search Ads

2017-07-24 2556 INSIGHT

The Apple Search ads was online in America last September. Till now, it has been online for almost one year. But as the feature is still unavailable in China, many developers may not be very clear about it. Therefore, Appbi has concluded the following 23 points to help developers get to know Search ads in details.

Apple Search Ads Firstly Appears on iOS 11 --- Amazing New Points

2017-07-13 2221 INSIGHT

Recently, a big event happens in Apple App Store---Apple search ads firstly appears in iOS 11 beta, which means that search ads are compatible with iOS 11.

Reveal the Secrets and Optimizing Tips of App Store Search

2017-07-11 2493 INSIGHT

On the App Store, when users want to download some apps, generally they will find them by searching. Therefore, the role of Search is especially important.

Apple’s Search Ads Are Generating Conversion Rates Higher Than 50%

2017-07-11 2892 INSIGHT

According to the Apple’s official statistics, after the Apple Search Ads entering the app-install space in the fall, Apple says that 50 percent of consumers who click on ads they see in the App Store go a step further and download the app. Therefore, the conversion rate (CR) of Search Ads is in a higher level with lower costs.

Various Display Forms of App Screenshots on App Store

2017-07-11 3447 INSIGHT

When we look for an app on App Store, the first things coming to us are the screenshots which account for much space. The screenshots directly show users the functions and features of an app. Therefore, developers should use this part to the most to show the main style and eye-catching points of the app from various respects.

AppBi Report June 2017

2017-07-01 4023 REPORT

AppBi report for Apple Search Ads of June 2017. Include data analysis and real cases.

Three Tricks for Optimization of Reviews in App Store

2017-06-28 3312 INSIGHT

If an app can be loved and downloaded by users depends on various factors, including demands, app name, icon, description, ratings, screenshots and video. Above these elements, there is one crucial factor that developers cannot ignore --- Reviews.

AppBi Report May 2017

2017-06-01 4645 REPORT

AppBi report for Apple Search Ads of May 2017. Include data analysis and real cases.


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