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How to Optimize App Title and Increase Impressions on App Store?

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During the optimization of apps on App Store, app title has been more and more important and gradually caught majority of developers’ attention. Therefore, we researched the methods to optimize app title and here share with you.

1. Use correct length: no more than 50 characters

Before last September, app title’s length is limited within 255 characters. However, after September 9th, Apple redefined the length to unify app title and make better user experiences and the length had been changed as no more than 50 characters. The new principle greatly highlights the importance of valid keywords. It is suggested that do not add too many keywords in title because it may reduce the weight of single keyword of Apple’s algorithm.

Therefore, we should find suitable keywords to add them to app title. Except for spanand name, we suggest you that it’s better to use 4-5 keywords to form a short and descriptive sentence. Besides, although Apple allows the title has within 50 characters, to achieve better effect, it is better to choose 20-25 characters as app title.

2. Include the most important keywords

In Apple’s algorithm, it has considered many sources of keywords to rank the apps of search result. Among them, the keywords of app title weigh more actually because it can influence lots of aspects. For this purpose, we especially pay attention on the researching of keywords.

If we hope to increase the opportunities of apps found by users on App Store to the most, we must add strong and related keywords in app title. Note that if we have added a certain keyword in app title, we don’t need to add it again in campaigned keywords. It’s a waste of opportunity and Apple will never add weight for same keywords.

3. Keywords’ Position

Although nowadays it is not proved that if the position or order of keywords will have effects on Apple’s weight, we can be sure that the position will influence the algorithm. In other words, the keywords located in the first part of app title will have much more influence than others.

Therefore, we’d better attempt to add the most relative keywords at the beginning of app title. Also, it’s funny when using iPhone to test it for better user experiences and CTR. Actually, in iPhone, one 25-50 characters (relied on the size of screen) can be displayed in search results. So developers use 2-3 relative and descriptive keywords at the beginning is a good try.

4. Find Right Update Frequency

App Store is a dynamic platform consisting of more than 2 million apps and 1.6 thousand newly added ones. Certainly, the whole eco system change very quickly at every minute. And new rules and new trends of Apple are recreating app’s ways of searching and ranking.

It’s important for developers to update apps’ basic information on App Store frequently in order to follow the fast steps of the new changes and conform with the newly trend. Note that developers cannot change the app title too frequently because the keywords of title are added to the index after several weeks.

App title is the first information that comes into users’ eyes, so we need to attempt to find an unforgettable spanand name and suitable marketing strategies. The optimization and update of keywords is a crucial factor related to whether the developers can follow the rapid development of App Store.

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