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How to Effectively Use and Manage Negative Reviews of Apps?

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Apps’ reviews have great effect on their conversions and download. Appbi data has researched numerous apps and found that some apps’ reviews have not updated for several months. Also, some apps have lots of negative reviews without any dealing or responding, which may cause bad impression and experience for users.

What kind of users will write reviews on App Store?

Certainly, users who write reviews on App Store are those staying at two extremes---very like or very dislike. There’s no middle point about it. It means that if users don’t have strong feeling about the apps, they will not write any reviews. Why?


Because App Store will spend certain time to audit users’ reviews. Only passionate users will spend their own time on writing reviews. It results in that the reviews on App Store are unbalanced with most 5 stars and 1 star.

We all know that reviews have certain weight in Apple’s algorithm. And this is based on five-star reviews and real-user reviews. Developers and operators should pay attention to encourage users to write down positive reviews and avoid negative reviews.

1. Users are the Best Testers

Users are the best and the most loyal testers of our apps. They will tell you all of their true feelings about your apps without any hiding. Sometimes they may leave negative reviews on the product page of your app. However, if you can pay much more attention on them, you can get benefits from the negative ones. It is that you need solve all the bugs and problems mentioned by users and constantly complete your app. Then negative reviews will gradually be replaced by positive ones.

2. Go ahead of Your Competitors

Sometimes it is suggested that developers can look around the negative reviews of competitors to dig users’ deeper demands about the apps of same category. For instance, if users are complaining that the app is lack of some functions, then we may consider adding these functions in our app to attract users.

On the other hand, by monitoring competitors’ negative reviews; we can know what the new demands are asked by users and their complaints. By this way, we can in advance test if our apps have those problems or publish new features that are more welcome by users.

3. Get the Way to Improve App’s Design

In some reviews of apps, users not only mention bugs but also give their suggestions on user experience (UX) or design style. Of course, not all of them are useful and professional. But we cannot deny that some suggestions are very funny and acceptable. For some valuable reviews, operators need to adopt.

Also, to keep eyes on reviews is a good way to listen to users’ voice. Actually, sometimes users may be more familiar with your app than you because they are the one who regard your app as a game, a tool or a life partner. But for you, it may just be an app, a product. Therefore, from the views of users, you can get more useful information about your app.

4. Avoid Further Negative Reviews

There is a good way to avoid further negative reviews---provide other channels for users to express their complaint. You may not change the truth that users are going to write negative reviews but you can attempt to lead some of these users to write negative ones on other social media platform instead of on App Store. That may have less bad effects relatively.

Here are some tips:

a. Add email address in description of app

b. Add instant messaging in app

c. Reply all the reviews of other social media platforms

As the above, generally users who are not satisfied with app and leave negative reviews to blow off steam, their real purpose is to let developers know their complaints or suggestions. If we can provide other some contact ways and actively answer their messages of other social media platform (like facebook or twitter), their problems will be solved.

New extra functions, better user experience and less bugs will encourage users to use our app and feel satisfied. If there are negative reviews appearing, developers shouldn’t ignore them but should take active measures to solve it.

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