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Get the 23 Basic Points of Apple Search Ads

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The Apple Search ads was online in America last September. Till now, it has been online for almost one year. But as the feature is still unavailable in China, many developers may not be very clear about it. Therefore, Appbi has concluded the following 23 points to help developers get to know Search ads in details.

1. Introduction


(1)  Launch

Apple Search ads was firstly available in America in last September.

(2)  Support iOS 10

It is said that over 60% users have updated their phones to iOS 10.

(3)  Age Limit

It the user’s Apple ID shows that the age is under 13, he/she will not see the ads impressions.

(4)  When will the search ads come to China is still not sure.

2. Display Forms and Costs


(5)  Three Display Forms:

·  Title + Icon + Description

·  Title + Icon + Screenshots

·  Title + Icon + Video

For an app, the app information showed by search ads and by actual searching are same. There’s no need for developers to set materials especially for search ads. Developers have no options about the display forms of app ads.

(6)  Auction Mechanism

For search ads, Apple uses the auction mechanism. It will cost by each tap. And the bids and relevance influence the costs and impressions.

(7)  Grades

Search ads will calculate the grade of each app. The higher grade means higher priority to be showed. Also, all the ads with less relevance will not be impressed.

(8)  Relevance

App Store will judge the relevance between app and its ads to decide the quality. Relevance is an important metric that influences the impressions and costs.

(9)  Factors that Influence Relevance

a. App Store will calculate initial value of relevance according to app’s text metadata.

b. App Store will gather users’ behaviors data of ads to adjust the relevance.

c. For iOS users, the search data will also influence relevance.

(10)  CPT

The CPT will be calculated based on competitors’ bids.

(11)  Bidding Coefficient

Bidding Coefficient = Relevancy * Bid

3. Account Structure

(12)  Five Levels of Account

·  Keywords

·  Ad Group: An ad group can set many keywords.

·  Campaign: a campaign means an ad.

·  Campaign Group: a campaign group can set many ads.

·  Account

4. API


(13)  Attribution API

When developers connect the API, they can know the source of users and track the following parts of the keywords.


(14)  Campaign Management API

The API can help developers or the third platforms effectively manage search ads to add keywords in bulk, automatically adjust bids, generate reports and many more functions.

5. Create Campaigns and Manage Process


(15)  Create Groups

Developers will create the initial keywords groups based on experiences. And then they will test and participate in the campaigns to collect more useful data. After accumulating more experiences, developers can choose more effective keywords.

They can expand the groups by Search Match or Broad Match.

6. Different Bidding Scheme of Different Periods


(16)  Bonus Period

In this period, there are not too many competitors in the campaigns. The costs stay a low level. Developers can firstly classify various keywords into different groups and purposely choose certain keywords.

(17)  Competitive Period

Generally speaking, the bonus period of any platform will not last too long. When competitors find that it is a potential market, they will pack into the campaigns. So the best choice is to test with low costs and then increase costs gradually.

7. Other Tips


(18)  When registering, you can only choose one time zone and one currency. And the two cannot be changed.

(19)  It supports the following currencies: US dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, UK pound and Euro.

(20)  It doesn’t support the credit cards from the following countries: Austria, Chile, Cuba, Ghana, Hungary, Iran, Mauritius, North Korea, Philippines and Singapore.

(21)  It will charge per 7 days or costs are beyond $500.

(22)  Developers can log in the same account in different devices at the same time.

(23)  An account can set many Apple ID as admins with different rights and limits.

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