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Avoid These Tiny Traps to Achieves Better Effect of Apple Search Ads

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Apple search ads has been available for over nearly one year and gained much attention. As the increase of data samples, we gradually get familiar of the system. However, many developers may ignore the tiny traps made by Apple.

Appbi data will show you all the traps in details.

1. Register

When you register in search ads, you need to fill in some basic required information. However, do you know that the following information cannot be changed once you entered?

·  Time zone and Currency

These two basic information will not be changed it you submit your information. And “Time zone” and “Currency” you have chosen will decide future’s operation, including auction, reports and ads groups.

Tips: Appbi suggests that developers should choose the time zone same as their aimed campaigned zone. And they can choose the currency from US dollar, Canadian dollar, UK pound and Euro.


2. Create

When you have registered successfully, you can create campaigns. Note that developers can pause or activate any campaigns, ad groups and keywords at any time but these items cannot be deleted.

·  Budget

The budget of Apple search ads doesn’t have the minimum charge. However, once you activate the campaign, the budget can only by increased but cannot be decreased.

Therefore, it’s better for developers to set a middle budget at the first time.


·  CPA Goal

The CPA goal is an optional choice. It is aimed to increase the conversion rate to the most degree. If developers set CPA goal too low or too close to the highest CPT, they may miss valuable impressions and conversions.


Tips: At the initial phase of campaigns, we suggest that developer can choose not to set CPA. After a period of time, developers can set CPA goals according to the actual conversions of apps.

·  Match Type


Remember that if the match type has been set, it cannot be changed.

The match type includes “Broad Match” and “Exact Type”. Therefore, what are the differences between the two options?

Broad Match covers more related searching keywords so that it can increase the coverage of keywords. The common method is to find new keywords through Broad Match and gain much more coverage by little words. Exact Match can show ads aimed to certain keywords. At this time, users have specific purpose to find a suitable app.

Tips: Appbi data recommends that developers can choose more than two match types to guarantee better effect.

3. Pay

·  Bank Card


If developers haven’t added band cards or added invalid cards, the campaigns will not be activated.

Search Ads accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For Discover, we can only accept payment in U.S. dollars, and your account billing currency must be set to the U.S. dollar. Debit card along with credit card is now available as a payment method in Apple Search ads.

Tips: If you have changed the card, you can update the payment information within 48 hours. Within 24 hours, you can only change 3 times.

The above are the details of Apple search ads you may note. Appbi data will share more useful experiences.

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