Whether WeWork can Survive in China? It Remains to be Seen

2019-01-08 1221 INSIGHT

Sharing economy is the hottest business model today, which is built on the sharing of resources and allows others to access the services or goods when needed. It is well known that sharing economy is prevalent around the world, including west countries and emerging markets. However, almost all international sharing economy brands are facing a problem: how to successfully enter Chinese market.

Kill Zara – The Advantage that Apple Search Ads Brings to SheIn

2019-01-04 1598 INSIGHT

SheIn is one of the most successful cross-border ecommerce companies. Though it is a Chinese brand and most clothing are made in China, the target audiences are Millennials in Europe, America, and other markets. Many customers prefer to compare SheIn and Zara, which is a famous cross-border ecommerce company in Spain.

After Uber, another U.S. unicorn is having trouble to survive in China

2018-11-02 2637 INSIGHT

Airbnb’s Chinese rival Xiaozhu received $300 million in October from investors led by Tech tycoon Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Capital, an existing investor who poured millions to beef up its presence in China’s heating home-sharing market.

Insights from Top 50 Mobile Game Apps in App Store, 2018 H1

2018-11-02 2641 INSIGHT

Mobile Game is always the most popular category in App Store. Developers and publishers released hundreds of millions of mobile game apps every year, so it is important to understand which game apps are prevalent and able to monetize in a crowd world. AppBi looks at the most popular mobile games in App Store among China and U.S. population. Popularity is based on the total number of app downloads in the first half of 2018.

Like it or not, Bytedance could be the next BAT

2018-10-12 2929 INSIGHT

As Tech giants Google and Facebook seek to return in China, fast-growing startup Bytedance now aims to tap another market where foreign competitors are missing: streaming videos.

AppBi Index allows advertisers to break the technology barriers

2018-09-20 2183 INSIGHT

China’s leading search ads intelligent bidding platform AppBi today announced its most updated WAP version after the Web product matured and supported hundreds of clients and advertisers. Meanwhile, the company successfully launched new product AppBi Index this September to help marketers and business professionals who have little programming or technical experience.

Douyin/Tik Tok dominates Japan’s App Market with Search Ads

2018-09-18 2909 REPORT

In mid-2013, Japan had overtaken the U.S. App market in cash revenues and rose to become the world largest. While the U.S. remained No.1 in free App downloads, the profit extracted from Japanese market had far exceeded expectation. Until today, Japan remains one of the most important markets in Asia and worldwide for App developers, especially companies in neighboring China. This June, Apple launched the Search Ads service in 6 more countries, including South Korean and Japan in Asia. In August, the advanced version was available in Japan, South Korean, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Meanwhile, Apple made Search Ads Basic available in 13 countries in total. AppBi, a leading Data Analytics consulting agency in China, has studied extensively on App performance in 2018 H1 in Japan. While the political history between two countries remains rigid, China’s business influence in China had grown extensively over the past year.

Ride-hailing Didi once again raises safety concerns, and here is what China can learn from India

2018-09-10 2397 INSIGHT

A passenger in eastern China was raped and killed by a driver from China’s largest ride-hailing company this August had once again fueled safety concerns about the service. Last month, local police ordered Didi to suspend its carpooling service after a series of events sparked public anger. This May, a murdered flight attendant and public discontent forced Didi to step up its safety measures, but the profit-driven company was unwilling to terminate its lucrative carpooling services. As late-hours working became a prevalent problem in China, safety at night also grew to become one of the most pressing issues faced by the country.

BAT are fighting over good games in China, but they are not easy to find

2018-08-24 2824 REPORT

The fight between China’s tech giants Tencent and Alibaba today has never been fiercer. While Alibaba has an absolute advantage in online retail, Tencent has established an unchallengeable dominance in the game market.

Data Report on App Store: Why Car-hailing Apps Slipped in China?

2018-08-16 3394 REPORT

However, DiDi along with other similar apps behaves poorly in Apple App Store. AppBi has organized and analyzed the related data including apps’ ranking and rating for further analysis and comparison.

What You Don't Know About How iOS 11.3 Uses Your Personal Information

2018-04-27 2938 INSIGHT

Since its launch in early April, iOS 11.3 introduces new features and delivers exciting experiences for users. Do you know how Apple uses your personal information on iOS 11.3? The story has to begin from App Store Personalized Recommendations, which is the equivalent to [ Similar Apps ] in Play Store and [ People also like ] in Windows Phone Store.

Apple App Store Data Report on US「Today」

2018-03-01 5914

The report produced by AppBi concludes all the aspects of App Store 「Today」, firstly gathering and analyzing all the data of 「Today」 since its birth (from 2017-09-09 to 2018-02-09). It focuses on the analysis of what 「Today」’s promotion can bring for apps and helps developers conclude the application process and requirements of 「Today」.

ASM Bidding Strategy: 7 Bidding Issues Concerned by Developers

2017-12-19 2284 INSIGHT

Apple App Store Search ads Marketing (ASM) has been available in four countries for almost one year. It stands for the coming of the new searching ages of iOS. On the basis of Apple search ads, developers can use it to raise the traffic and conversion of apps on App Store. Therefore, lots of developers want to know the bidding strategies of ASM.

Per Install Costs Only $1

2017-12-07 4069 INSIGHT

It is found that Apple Search Ads has added Basic version in its system along with the advanced one. Different versions may bring users different functions and advantages. AppBi now will show the features and comparison of the two versions and their pricing models.

Important: Apple Search Ads may be Available in 106 Countries! Have Your Country be Listed?

2017-10-17 3472 INSIGHT

Apple Search Ads recently has published a list of 106 countries and regions that may be available for Search Ads. And the expansion means that Apple Search Ads will greatly expand its search ads services on App Store into countries and regions all around the world.

AppBi Yearly Report for Apple Search Ads 2016-2017

2017-10-13 2543

Apple Search Ads has been online for one year and now available in seven countries including the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Switzerland. AppBi has been researching and analyzing since the birth of Search Ads. Now, as it has gone live for one year, AppBi here shares an annual market research report of Apple Search Ads for developers and advertisers worldwide.

Search Ads Yearly Report

2017-10-11 2672 REPORT

In September 2016, Apple has attracted the attention of numerous developers as soon as launching the Search Ads services. According to AppBi’s data monitoring, at the end of August 2017, there were more than 11 thousand Apps launched Search Ads only in the United States.

More Important Than iPhone X --- New App Store is Coming!

2017-09-14 1995 INSIGHT

Apple’s new products launching event had mainly released iPhone X and iPhone 8/8p, and what ASO providers might pay much more attention was the new App Store would come soon as the products were released.

Does Your App Drop in Ranking on App Store? Find the Reasons!

2017-09-08 2181 INSIGHT

Sometimes developers may find that some certain apps rank higher quickly on App Store within a very short time while their apps drop in ranking gradually. What are the reasons? How could developers do to acquire traffic again?

How to Use Push Notification to Increase App’s Retention Rate?

2017-09-06 2517 INSIGHT

How to raise app retention rate is an important problem for apps operators. We’ve found that when some teams are proud of their “newly acquired users”, then they feel disappointed that only small parts of these users can stay for more than 90 days.

How to Optimize App Metadata Mostly to Gain More Downloads?

2017-08-30 2292 INSIGHT

​App Store optimization consists of a series of techniques and methods to help developers to promote apps and acquire downloads. Among all the elements, app title, text description and keywords are the three main ones. App optimization is very important as more than 65% iOS apps are found by users’ searching on App Store. Therefore, if developers do not optimize apps on store, they may lose a precious opportunity to promote their apps for users.

Completed Information of Expedited App Review on App Store

2017-08-23 2599 INSIGHT

Now we are going to talk about the expedited app review on App Store to let developers have a completed impression of this concept. For the majority of developers, they are not very familiar of what the expedited app review is and how to apply it and what can developers benefit from it. And now we will firstly list some main points about expedited app review.

New App Store: What Are the Changes from Search Results to Conversion Rate?

2017-08-23 2294 INSIGHT

The new App Store will come soon, we will talk about on the new App Store, and how can developers promote their apps and optimize apps on App Store.

ASM Tip: Fail to Write App Description and Spend More?

2017-08-16 2209 INSIGHT

During the ASM (App Store Search ads Marketing) campaigning, there is an important part of optimization. It is to guarantee impressions through relevance and various bidding schemes. However, developers should not ignore the importance of app’s description.

What should developers do to pre-promote before releasing a new app?

2017-08-16 2147 INSIGHT

Nowadays, it’s easy for developers to develop an app. However, it’s still a difficult thing for them to market or promote. Before releasing a new app, developers should be ready to participate in the competition of over 2 million apps on App Store.

Appbi Exclusive: New Contents from Apple Search Ads Help Document Reveal More Useful Details

2017-08-13 3045 INSIGHT

Recently, Apple Search Ads has updated its official help document, mainly adding various contents based on the original version. The new version consists of more detailed contents to guide daily actions in Search ads and explain for developers (advisers).

Basic Tutorial Series III: Screenshots and Videos Optimization

2017-08-09 2287 INSIGHT

In the last chapters, we have talked about basic tutorials on keywords, description and icon. And now, in this chapter, we are going to talk about screenshots and videos optimization. We have many researches and articles are mentioning about these parts. If you are interested, you can search and find them to learn some other tips that may be useful for you.

Basic Tutorial Service IV: Ratings, Reviews and Installs

2017-08-09 2699 INSIGHT

In the last three series, we have mentioned keywords, description, icons, screenshots and video. And now, we will be going to talk about ratings, install and users. And in the end, we will conclude the whole series and tell you some tips about Apple search ads.

Basic Tutorials of App Store Optimization – Series II: Icon Optimization

2017-08-08 2104 INSIGHT

​In the last series, we have talked about keywords and description. And in this chapter, the main topic is icon. If the users with potential demands for your app have seen your app, the role of icon becomes greatly important.

Basic Tutorials of App Store Optimization - Series I: Keywords Optimization

2017-08-08 2443 INSIGHT

The essential meaning of App Store optimization is: the methods and strategies that can make all your apps easier found by users. Now we are going to introduce the Basic Tutorial Series one by one. And today’s topic is keywords and description optimization.

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