What should developers do to pre-promote before releasing a new app?

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Nowadays, it’s easy for developers to develop an app. However, it’s still a difficult thing for them to market or promote. Before releasing a new app, developers should be ready to participate in the competition of over 2 million apps on App Store. Therefore, it is suggested that developers need to plan the marketing schemes and promoting strategies 6-8 months before releasing the app.


Here we prepare four suggestions for developers to make prepared before releasing a new app.

1.  Research on competitors

By researching on competitors, developers can get the targeting audience of the product and make their own app stand out of all of the competitors earlier and faster. Firstly, we need to find the top 10 or more apps of all the apps of the same category. And we are going to analyze and research their functions and marketing schemes. The most important point is that we can find our own aspiration for competitors’ apps and schemes and mark down the features and functions welcomed by users using excel.

In the same way, we also need to find 10 or more apps that are not very popular of the same category. We will find their shortages and mistakes to avoid the same ones when our app is released.

We should attempt to pay attention to those lacked functions that mentioned by numerous users repeatedly. On the other hand, we also need to notice the negative reviews to catch users’ demands.

2.  Prepare an optimizing strategies on App Store

Just as we’ve mentioned above, when we are monitoring the competitors, it means that we also should monitor and predict their optimizing strategies. ASO has great help for app promotion, mainly resulting in that it can spaning reliable and real downloads for our app. However, if you want to increase the downloads on App Store, to guarantee the impressions is very important. Because:

a.  How can users find your app if you haven’t optimized keywords?

b.  How can you persuade users to download if the screenshots are not attractive?

The first step is to try to find the common points between you and your competitors. What are their app titles? How do they describe their apps? What are the keywords? Did they use app previews?

After collecting all the information in excel table, then we may find some worth learning points in design or keywords selection.

One more thing is that we can refer to competitors’ optimizing strategies but it doesn’t mean that we should adopt all the ones without any creation. For example, if competitors don’t have app previews, we may try to create one. Maybe it will work well.

3.  Keep app online

Although our app has not officially released, it need to give users a preview to keep its “existence”. What we need to do is to spaning some seed users for our app before its releasing. To create a unique website may be a practical way. The website will be circled on marketing and promoting the app. We should guarantee that the website is creative and attractive. The following points may be noted:

a.  App screenshots or app preview

b.  Main functions

c.   Contact

d.  News about the developing period

e.  Available systems and countries/regions

f. Released date

Certainly, except for keeping app’s existence, we also can create a blog to build probable social channels for users and spread some readable contents or app news.

To conclude, even though our app has not released on App Store, we actually can begin to promote app. By this way, we can arouse users’ curiosity at the initial stage and solve users’ problems timely. 


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