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Today, it is found that Apple Search Ads has added Basic version in its system along with the advanced one. Different versions may spaning users different functions and advantages. AppBi now will show the features and comparison of the two versions and their pricing models.

What is Search Ads Basic?

On the account of AppBi’s analysis, Search Ads Basic is faced to those who are not very familiar with Search ads or whose time is limited. With no complexed advanced tools or functions, developers can use Search ads to promote their apps and acquire high quality users. For them, time and energy are saved with only several simple steps.


1. Steps:

With 3 steps, developers can begin using Search Ads.


a. Choose an app.

b. Set monthly budget.

c. Set max budget.

2.Pricing Model


“Search Ads Basic pricing is a cost-per-install model (CPI), so you only pay up to your maximum CPI. We suggest a maximum CPI based on what we know about your app and what similar apps are willing to pay to reach the same users. Use our suggested maximum CPI, or choose your own. However, we recommend using our suggested maximum CPI to increase the likelihood of your ad being shown.”

3. Features

No expertise needed.

Pay only for installs.

Low time commitment.

Start or stop anytime.

Search Ads Basic is ideal for developers with limited time to promote their app, or who don't need all the features of Search Ads Advanced.

This version is simpler and smarter than before. It’s easy for the fresh developers to attempt. 


4. Tips from AppBi:

a. The Basic is now only available in America.

b. Only developer accounts can use Basic and can only deliver ads for their own apps.

c. Once the budget is set, it cannot be decreased within the same month.

What is Search Ads Advanced?

Apple Search Ads Advanced is actually the same as the before system, mainly faced to the “professional” users who have much time and energy for Search Ads. They may drive app downloads or re-engagements by using Apple tools.


Search Ads Advanced has no big changes compared with the before one except for its new version name. Developers need to enter all the required information including entering app name, setting search match, selecting keywords and setting device types, etc.

The pricing model of Advanced is still a CPT model as before, and developers only pay when a user taps the ad.

Tips from AppBi:

Search Ads Advanced is available 7 countries and regions, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexica, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Comparison between Basic and Advanced


Advantages and Disadvantages of Basic and Advanced

1) Advantages of Basic

a. Only setting budget and setting CPI are needed with simple steps.

b. CPI pricing model is more controllable.

c. Intelligent process can save time and energy.

Disadvantages of Basic

a. Developers can only choose their own apps of the iTC accounts.

b. Selecting target users is not supported.

c. Monthly budget is not flexible.

d. Data report is not detailed. Only conversions, average CPI and costs are included.

2) Advantages of Basic

a. Developers can select target users from many aspects.

b. Daily budget is more flexible.

c. Keywords and bids are controlled.

d. Detailed data report is more useful.

Disadvantage of Advanced

a. Complexed process is not easy to handle.

b. Keywords selection may be a problem.

c. CPT pricing model makes bids and CPA hard to control.

d. Complexed and inconvenient process.

Forth. Comparison between AppBi Intelligent Bidding System and Apple Basic/Advanced

We find that the new versions of Apple Search Ads have many similar points and different functions. 


What’s more, the comparison of Search Ads Advanced and AppBi Self-serve Model is as the following.


The division of Apple Search Ads Basic and Advanced is more convenient for different types of developers to use. Among all the differences, the most important point is that the change of pricing model, that is, the CPI pricing mode.

AppBi always keeps same paces and developing directions with Apple Search Ads, offering complete and unique high quality services for global developers by accessing to Apple official API.

Later, AppBi will do more tests and analysis in depth to share with you based on more real cases. Moreover, AppBi Intelligent Bidding Platform will constantly develop services to provide developers with better experiences!


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