New App Store: What Are the Changes from Search Results to Conversion Rate?

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The new App Store will come soon, we will talk about on the new App Store, and how can developers promote their apps and optimize apps on App Store.

For an app, there is no doubt that App Store is the best promoting platform for developers. However, we should note two problems. Firstly, only search ranking is not complete for app product promotion. Search ranking is the first step. And next, developers should attach attention to users downloads and conversions. It is noted that conversion is the more important for an app.

Impressions and downloads are things in a same basket. And the latter is more related to benefits and increases. All the elements including title, subtitle, rating, reviews, descriptions, video and screenshots of app product page will have great effects on search ranking. And the others will greatly influence downloads and conversions. The two parts should be combined when optimizing.

What factors influence keywords search ranking, downloads and conversions?

1.   Two main factors influence keywords ranking.

Except for the intervening ASO, the main factor is text relevance (subtitle and keywords). And the other elements such as app description and reviews actually have less effect on search ranking.

2.   Three main factors influence downloads and conversions.

a.   Quality of channel: High quality keywords will have more conversions. Therefore, developers should consider how to classify high quality keywords and low quality keywords.

b.   App impressions: a successful impression includes app name, subtitle, description, marketing texts, icon, app preview, screenshots and reviews.

c.   External factors: the external factors consist of spanand power and other complexed industrial factors that cannot be ignored.

The biggest changes on new App Store: fragmented contents-oriented and user driven.

There are three obvious changes on the new App Store.

1.   Fragmented Traffic

During iOS 10 times, the app at the top of search results occupied most traffic. And some apps of less spanand influences may have no better ways to rank higher. However, in iOS 11, it can be achieved more or less. The traffic of the top has been fragmented. Apple’s editors’ recommendations will occupy the most traffic of apps of App Store. And many fragmented categories tags also help to make it fragmented.

2.   From Chart Shop to Contents-oriented Media

In iOS 10, the traffic entrances are charts and search box. However, in the new App Store, editors’ recommendations plus search box will be the two major traffic entrances. The chart shop at the old times will be changed to a contents-oriented eco platform.

In the past, when we talked about ASO, we would pay attention to cover more keywords technically, serving searching and keywords. And in the future, our attention will be transformed to the base optimization of the whole app product detail page, including text description, UI design, video and screenshot, etc. And contents weigh much more on App Store. Developers who win the app product page will win more good users.

3.   From Product Driven to Users Driven

On the old App Store which is driven by charts and searching, the app products who rank top will acquire more users and conversions. There are only several options for users to choose. And products have the main speaking rights. However, in iOS 11, a user-driven platform is born. And many funny, original and high quality app products will be recommended by Apple’s editors every day. Therefore, users will have more options to find their loved apps. If developers do not optimize contents in order to optimize downloads and conversions, your users may flow into other apps’ product pages. In the users-driven platform, developers should pay more attention to promote apps in the view of users and think what users may think.


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