More Important Than iPhone X --- New App Store is Coming!

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Apple’s new products launching event had mainly released iPhone X and iPhone 8/8p, and what ASO providers might pay much more attention was the new App Store would come soon as the products were released.

We know that Apple’s App Store has born for 9 years. And it is the biggest change for App Store since its birth. We expect that the all-new App Store may spaning us more surprises and useful features.

Actually, Apple has already released the rough outline of iOS 11 at WWDC. Recently many of its new features are mentions by various media and users, such as AR Kit, control center, siri, live photo and new Files. Many developers and users have downloaded the iOS 11 beta to experience the newest system. However, there is no doubt that the biggest change of iOS 11 is the change of App Store.

The biggest updating happens to App Store since the beginning of history. From the changes, we can try to conclude what are the future’s directions of App Store.

1. If you are Apple’s fan, I believe that you’ve seen a lot of news and reports about what I’ve mentioned above. The interface of the newest App Store will be changed as the following.


The image consists of the main points of the new version of App Store.

·  Separate entrance for Games: the new App Store completely deletes the core part “Top Charts” of the bottom bar and separate Games and Apps into two independent parts. The later “Featured” is changed by “Today” which is more related to timeliness.



·  Emspanace card-type contents: to be more specific, the “Today” will consist of a series of “cards” with rich contents to recommend creative and attractive games or apps. The “GAME OF THE DAY” and “APP OF THE DAY” may attract you and then lead you to download games or apps. The stories are written by Apple’s professional editors. Also, the contents will include how to play a game or how to use an app.


·  Editors’ recommendation becomes more important than Top Charts: in the separated Games and Apps, there are no top charts too. We here take the Games as an example. Most of the contents are aimed to introduce and recommend games for users, and the most important one will be listed on the banner. However, the older charts are not replaced by new games or newly updated games.

·  More elements are included on app product page: reviews, ratings, rankings, ages and other various detailed elements are displayed. App preview becomes more important. And user’s reviews weigh much more than before, and reviews may directly lead users download apps or leave the page.

·  Search has been enhanced: on the newest App Store, “search” is changed to the rightmost place which is more important. The top searches can be regarded as one of the forms of top charts. Together with editors’ recommendation, it has become the two major traffic entrances.

All of the above changes make App Store have an all-new appearance from UI to contents. Now the new App Store is not a tool to list the games and apps but an ecological kingdom to display more useful and eye-catching contents.

Since its launch in September 2008, App Store has over 2.4 million apps and developers have benefited more than $70 billion. And in the second quarter of 2017, iOS users have paid about $ 10 billion. App Store is becoming more and more important.

Therefore, how should we prepare for the coming App Store? As it is mentioned that the weight of top charts is decreased, so we should may a lot on improving app’s quality and creativity to attract Apple’s editors. Also, as search is now enhanced, how to win the search results is a challenge for developers. 


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