Important: Apple Search Ads may be Available in 106 Countries! Have Your Country be Listed?

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Apple Search Ads recently has published a list of 106 countries and regions that may be available for Search Ads. And the expansion means that Apple Search Ads will greatly expand its search ads services on App Store into countries and regions all around the world.

From the official birth of Search Ads of last September, so far Apple has opened its Search Ads services for three times for 7 countries/regions.

First: America

Second: UK, Australia, New Zealand

Third: Canada, Mexico, Switzerland

Fourth: ???

Apple Search Ads will expand the number of countries/regions to 106 in future. Then, which countries/regions will be selected?

The list as follows:


Advertisers residing in the countries/regions of the above list may use Apple Search Ads to advertise on the App Store in future.

The list has mentioned 113 countries/regions (including 7 ones of them that already enjoyed Search ads services). It is noted that among them, countries/regions of European count more than others. We can guess that Apple Search Ads will pay more attention on the market expanding of European countries/regions.

However, when asking the specific date of the above countries/regions, Apple Search Ads official team gives us the following answer:

“Search Ads is currently available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. We plan to expand into additional countries but don’t have a specific timeline to share.”

Therefore, the specific timeline is still on planning. But it is worth looking forward to.

Apple App Store Search Ads has gained much attention since its birth. AppBi has been researching and analyzing Search Ads all the time to help advertisers to advertise and promote apps. AppBi Data will constantly track the updated news and findings to share with you!


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