Does Your App Drop in Ranking on App Store? Find the Reasons!

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Sometimes developers may find that some certain apps rank higher quickly on App Store within a very short time while their apps drop in ranking gradually. What are the reasons? How could developers do to acquire traffic again?

Here we are going to discuss the reasons of apps’ dropping in ranking. If your app also encounters this problem, the following reasons may help you adjust your optimizing plans.

1.   App Store keywords

Last year, some changes have happened in the “natural language” of App Store search. Users now can enter single words, phrases or certain terms instead of typing one or two keywords.

If developers pay lots of attention to related keywords, if may result in some other problems. For example, the keywords you paid a lot may be out of dated and users are not likely searching them anymore.

Users are willing to search these keywords that are popular. Some users may search by long tail keywords or phrases. Therefore, developers need to update keywords plans at short intervals.

2.   Rankings on App Store change a lot

It is believed that App Store is a dynamic system. All of its factors change whenever and wherever possible. The ranking is not an exception.

Professional ASO service providers or teams may send report for you (AppBi can send daily report for you and you can set certain conditions as your will.), and if you track data yourself, you may find that the effects are not as you wish.

The rankings of App Store always change, therefore, if your app drops a bit, don’t be too nervous about that.

3.   Your App is Newly Released

If you’ve just released a new app on App Store, the ASO ranking may drop even though you’ve made great efforts on optimizing. To avoid dropping in rankings greatly, you may take care of your ASO schemes and don’t be too aggressive.

What’s more, developers should prepare for the worst. A new app will inevitably drop more or less in ranking. Generally speaking, it will take three or four days.

4.   Think long term

A newly released app will be mature someday. After being updated, the app product may drop in rankings. However, after a period of time, it may exceed the previous rank. Sometime, for example, for a game app, it may rank at the top 1 after releasing several weeks. However, it will drop gradually. It is very common on App Store. For developers, the most important thing is to keep patience and make long term plans.

5.   App’s quality is low

Several years ago, some companies would purchase fake apps or games to attract traffic and disorder markets. The two major markets Google and Apple had made policies to intervene the behaviors.

These kinds of low quality games or apps drop in rankings greatly and some of them then disappear. Google and Apple always encourage developers to develop and release high quality products.

6.   Unbefitting ASO/ASM tools

To choose a professional and experienced ASO/ASM service provider is very important for app promotion. Good tools can lead you to make wise schemes and steps to promote your app very well.

You may try several tools at the same time and then choose the best one. It can help you to optimize app metadata, rank higher and acquire more high quality users.

7.   Competitive apps

The search ranking of App Store is a zero-sum game. That means that for a certain keyword, if an app ranks higher, and the other apps will drop in rankings.

Therefore, we must constantly optimize on App Store to keep our apps not dropping too much. Remember that your competitive apps are still optimizing.

8.   Change of App Store’s algorithm

Both Google and Apple have thousands of experts to research how to update algorithm. The algorithm of App Store will be updated many times within one year randomly. The majority of algorithm changes are important. Some of them may spaning about the disorder and the others have fewer effects.

To conclude, developers should keep pace with Apple’s rules and algorithm to avoid probable risks. If you app drops in ranking, you may refer to these 8 reasons to check how to improve. What’s more, when aided by professional ASO/ASM platforms or tools, your app promotion will be more effective. 


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