Data Report on App Store: Why Car-hailing Apps Slipped in China?

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DiDi is a widely used car-hailing app in China. And two years ago, it confirmed its acquisition of Uber's business in China. However, security threat becomes a big problem because of weakness in the supervision of DiDi drivers. Since last year, several drivers harmed passengers’ personal security and caused serious consequences for both DiDi and passengers. Therefore, DiDi has apologized for the cases several times. In the beginning of May, an airline stewardess was ruthlessly killed by a DiDi driver. The incident spanought huge social discontent. DiDi was ordered to rectify by Chinese government for the ride sharing business.

However, DiDi along with other similar apps behaves poorly in Apple App Store. AppBi has organized and analyzed the related data including apps’ ranking and rating for further analysis and comparison.

The result reveals that……


Current Situation of Apps of DiDi


DiDi is in the teeth of storm. Therefore, based on AppBi’s data analyzing platform, it firstly gathers the data of DiDi’s apps. They are DiDi and DiDi Ride Sharing.

DiDi’s Ranking and Rating


Through the comparison between the rankings before and after the incident, AppBi finds that: DiDi ranked well before and even reached the Top 10 in April. However, after the serious incident of May 11th, DiDi slipped in both the Top Free and Top Free of Apps and fluctuated in the Top Free of Travel.


From the rating of DiDi, in May 11th and May 12th, the situation of rate=1 (which means users regard it as 1 star) increased obviously. And in the following days, rate=5 appears more. It is guessed that on the one hand DiDi’s attitude retrieved users supports; and on the other hand, it might be the result of PR teams effort.

DiDi Ride Sharings Ranking



According to the data statistic of AppBi, DiDi Ride Sharing showed an obvious trend on ranking. It slipped greatly on Top Free and Top Free of Apps. But it influenced a little on its ranking of Top Free of Travel. From the rating, the apps showed little changes with only some 1 star in May 10th.

Opportunities of Similar Apps

DiDi is the first one among all the car-hailing apps in China, however, its slipping gives opportunities for other competitors. Parts of users may choose other car-hailing apps when having demand for going out.

Didas Ranking


Dida is a free app for ride sharing. It focuses on mutual travel and users can choose another one passenger to share a same car. It offers a convenient platform for both drivers and passengers.

As AppBi analyzed, Dida performed not very well before May of this year, falling behind of other main car-hailing apps. However, from the middle of May, Dida ranking showed a significant upward trend in all top charts and even reached the Top 1.

Meituans Ranking


At the beginning, Meituan attempted to apply its business in several cities and expanded in the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in January of this year. Generally speaking, Meituans ranking fluctuated widely. It ranked higher than before in the mid-May. For Meituan, a newly car-hailing app, it is an opportunity for it to acquire users trust and occupy more market shares.

Special Cars Become New Favorites

Different from the ride sharing cars and express cars, the cars and drivers of special car-hailing apps all have legal and qualified certificates. The drivers are selected strictly and trained hardly with same uniforms and standardized services. Also, the cars are premium cars with the price of over 200 thousand. All the measures add a protective barrier for passengers security.The special car apps have now become the new favorites of users.

DiDi vs. Special Car-hailing Apps


Caocao Special Car is a service platform by Geely Group. It is the first car-hailing app that combines special cars with new energy resources. Shou Yue is a government-approved platform that all the cars own the license tag of Beijing.

Therefore, AppBi selects the two apps to make further analysis. The graph shows the rankings of the three apps on Top Free. It is concluded that DiDi is the first one while after mid-May Caocao and Shou Yue shows an obvious upward trend. Probably, ride sharing business may gradually lose users trust and the special cars become the new favorites.

Ranking of Caocao


Over the past year, the ranking of Caocao keeps higher on the Top Free of Travel but not behaves well in Top Free and Top Free of Apps. From the middle of May, Caocao increases greatly and keeps within the Top 100.

Ranking of Shou Yue


Similarly, Shou Yue increases greatly in May of this year though it performs not well before.

Based on the above data analysis, AppBi concludes that the future development trend of car-hailing apps is still spanight. With the increasing demand of travel and implement of rectification measures, it is believed that both general car-hailing apps and special ones will constantly accumulate users trust. Also, hopefully sorrowful incidents will never happen and everyone can travel safely.

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