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Now we are going to talk about the expedited app review on App Store to let developers have a completed impression of this concept. For the majority of developers, they are not very familiar of what the expedited app review is and how to apply it and what can developers benefit from it. And now we will firstly list some main points about expedited app review.

· Any apps can apply for expedited app review;

· There’s not time limits of expedited app review;

· The most prior reason is bug and the second is time-sensitive event;

· If possible, don’t use the third party for expedited app review.

What is the expedited app review on App Store?

Expedited App Review

If you face extenuating circumstances, you can request the review of your app to be expedited. These circumstances include fixing a critical bug in your app on the App Store or releasing your app to coincide with an event you are directly associated with.

Urgent Bug Fix

If you’ve submitted an update to fix a critical bug in your app on the App Store and you are requesting an expedited review, be sure to include the steps to reproduce the bug on the current version of your app.

Time-Sensitive Event

For apps associated with an event, we recommend you plan and schedule the release of your app in iTunes Connect. However, if your app is still in review and the launch of your event is quickly approaching, you can request to have your app review expedited. When submitting your request, its important to include the event, date of the event, and your apps association with the event.

Please Note: Expedited reviews are granted on a limited basis and we cannot guarantee that every request will be expedited. Sign in to request an expedited review.

To be simplified, the expedited app review is the review that will not cost developers too much time. As for the normal app review, it may make developers wait around 7 days (or more). And the expedited app review helps developers skip this step.

Then, when should developers use this method? Just as the above has mentioned, if developers encounter Urgent Bug Fix or Time-Sensitive Event, they can apply for expedited review to solve their emergencies and problems.

There are three points you should know.

For Urgent Bug Fix, developer should be clear that the bugs have greatly influenced user experience and then tell Apple the steps to reproduce the bug and your practical solutions. At the same time, one coin has two sides. Don’t frequently submit expedited review because of bugs. Apple will ignore you one day and send you a declined email.

For Time-Sensitive Event, if your company has important marketing event, you need to introduce activity time and relations between your app and the activity. It is noted that you need to explain your costs and predicted results (including downloads, registers and other data). What’s more, as we researched, seldom apps are expedited reviewed for this reason.

One important thing to remember is that you need to request the review in English. Whether Urgent Bug Fix or Time-Sensitive Event, developers should submit in English to explain your reason. Apple will only review the English application. Other languages will be missed.

It does not mean that you app can be added on App Store though you have passed the expedited app review. Generally, the normal process of expedited app review is:

· Submit common App Store review and the status is “In Review”.

· Submit expedited app review.

· Submit passed.

· App will be in review without waiting.

At last, let’s see the Apple’s official reply about whether your submission has been passed.

Official Reply

1. Passed

Dear Beijing *** Technology Co., Ltd.,

The status for the following app has changed to In Review.

App Name: ***

App Version Number: 1.0

App SKU: ***

App Apple ID: ***

To make changes to this app, go to My Apps on iTunes Connect.

If you have any questions regarding your app, contact us.


The App Store team

2. Not Passed

Hello ***,

Thank you for contacting the App Store Review team. We are unable to accommodate your request for an expedited review at this time.

While we do our best to accommodate requests for expedited reviews, unfortunately we are unable to grant every request due to our volume.

Helping you get your app, IAPs, or bundle to the App Store is very important to us, and we are working hard to process all submissions as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

App Store Review 


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