Basic Tutorials of App Store Optimization – Series II: Icon Optimization

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In the last series, we have talked about keywords and description. And in this chapter, the main topic is icon. If the users with potential demands for your app have seen your app, the role of icon becomes greatly important.


When users find your app on App Store, there is no doubt that the app icon is the most direct and important element. Users have typed suitable keywords in search box and entered, in the list, it will display the app’s name, icon, and spanief description. And the majority of users will pay attention to icons. If your app has an eye-catching icon, surely users will click your app to look around the app product page in detail.

Most developers are not good at UI design, so it’s better to hire someone specialized in designing to design app icon. Also, the icon should be tested in the market to attempt that the most attractive design style.


The following suggestions may be useful for you.

Firstly, we suggest that developers should read Apple’s official document about icon design carefully. Many developers are not familiar with the common principle of icon design, so it will be helpful if developers can read carefully the document before designing.

(1)  Your icon should be front facing, not in a 3D angle.

(2)  Your icon should have a save margin (6 pixels for each site for a hdpi icon)

At the beginning, the pixel should be 512 x 512. The pixel of 864 x 864 is not recommended. And one important point is that the app icon should to simplest. This is very crucial. If the icon is too complexed, users cannot catch the main feature of app from its icon.

Another practical suggestion is that it’s better not to use texts in icon. Firstly, it’s unsure that whether all users will be going to read the texts on icon, especially if their devices are small. Secondly, you have much more space to describe your app in texts in description.

However, an icon should catch its great opportunity to make deep impression on users’ mind, so do not make the opportunity become a waste. Of course, there is an exception. When your app is very famous and can make users think about other texts. Also, we recommend that icon and app should have same style and much relevance. For instance, if your app is a game about chess, you’d better not use a tank as its icon.

What’s more, developers should be careful of the color match of icon. Colors have much relevance with people’s emotion. For example, for most people, red will make them feel warm and green may let people associate with life and growth. A good color scheme is very important for an icon and app, and it can enhance your company’s image.

For instance, if an app’s icon has shining red background and three black letters “a”, “b” and “c” in it. What do you feel? What do think about the app’s features? Is it an English-learning app or an English dictionary? Is it a little game based on letters? The color red stands for warm or passion, but if it matches shining style and three black elements, the feel may be changed a lot. Therefore, a good color scheme is very important for designing an attractive and pleasant icon.


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