Basic Tutorials of App Store Optimization - Series I: Keywords Optimization

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The essential meaning of App Store optimization is: the methods and strategies that can make all your apps easier found by users. Now we are going to introduce the Basic Tutorial Series one by one. And today’s topic is keywords and description optimization.


If developers don’t have well-known spanand name, keywords are the crucial points that developers should catch. When users are searching a certain app, keywords have much more effects. In the following situations, keywords will play a special role.

1.  Users often find satisfied apps by searching box.

2.  Your app appears on the top of the search results

For example, “voice” and “recorder” are two good keywords for a recording app. Users may search the words to find and select one. When developers make great efforts to optimize keywords, it will help to acquire more users.

What are called “good keywords”?

Some keywords are very terrible that almost no one will type them to search apps. Then, how could developers find suitable keywords to optimize?

The first step is to exam the search results of App Store carefully to research that what the list will show if you type a word. When you find the top 1 app of the search result, you may think that if it has some relation of the typed words or it is found accidently with no matched keywords.

If you have found that many apps have matched your typed keywords, you can compare the downloads and reviews of these apps to check if the apps are successfully matched. Through this method, you can also get if your keywords are frequently searched. What’s more, you can google the keywords to check their popularity in network.

Keywords: How?

Now you have gotten an initial impression of keywords. Actually the keywords can be a series of keywords, they can be “voice” and “recorder”, furthermore, they can be “recordings”, “speech recorder”, “sound” and “media player”. Although the frequency of keywords is now not that important, you still need to repeat keywords in description as frequent as possible. Also, you must guarantee that the descriptions are readable; otherwise, if same keywords appear in every two or three words, it will ruin your descriptive documents and scare users. You need to make each sentence concise and readable, then users may not be aware of your repeating keywords.

Keywords: Where?

It seems that when compared with text description, app title has more relevance with the app itself. If it is possible, you should make the most relevant keyword as app title. For instance, AL Voice Recorder is more relevant and close to app itself than Recorder. 3D Invaders is more relevant than 3D. Also, you may choose to add keywords in your developers’ name. Also, you should remember one thing that if you misuse keywords too obviously, one day your app may be removed from App Store.

App Description

The description has many differences compared with keywords. When keywords “persuade” search algorithm to list your app at the top of search result, description will “persuade” users to download your app. For text description, it’s better for developers to keep it within three lines. In the three lines, you can display your app’s features and fascinating points to the most. Generally, a good description may consist of two main parts: What is the app? Why do users need it? Also, there is one point that is important: make your description readable and attractive to catch users’ eyes within the first three lines and lead them to download your app.


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