Basic Tutorial Service IV: Ratings, Reviews and Installs

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In the last three series, we have mentioned keywords, description, icons, screenshots and video. And now, we will be going to talk about ratings, install and users. And in the end, we will conclude the whole series and tell you some tips about Apple search ads.

Ratings and Reviews

For two apps of same categories and similar features, the one with many positive reviews will surely ranks higher than the other one with little positive reviews or many negative reviews. If your app is newly released and does not have any reviews, it will automatically more or less be influenced by the older released apps’ reviews.

There is no doubt that the ratings showed below the app product page are very important. Therefore, developers should know how to acquire many positive reviews? We have mentioned this in before articles. And here we will also give you some suggestions as the following.

1.   Remind users through pop-up windows

Although it will be good for you to add a little and cute button in the main menu to lead users to write reviews, users may be accustomed to ignoring these details (like banner ads or something others). It is the reason why we suggest that to remind users by pop-up windows. According to data statistics, pop-up windows will mostly be clicked by users. Of course, as we talked before (you can find these articles in our blog), it’s important for developers and operators to create an attractive and pleasant contents of the pop-up windows.

2.   Don’t remind users who just use your app at the first time.

It is an obvious reason. If you just open a new app to try its features, will you be pleasant when seeing a window to let you write reviews on App Store? You will have nothing to say actually. So it’s not a good time to pop up a reminder for users who just firstly open your app. After they have used your app for several times (four or five), it is probably a good timing. At this time, you can remind them to review, and they may give a five-star review.

3.   Make an option for users to exit.

You shouldn’t force users to add reviews for your app on App Store. It’s necessary to give users rights to quit and not go to App Store to leave any reviews. And, you need to make the option that users can choose to not see these reminders any more. If users have decided not to rate or review your app, you’d better not remind them again and again to irritate.


Installs are very important. For developers, generally the number of installs means the number of users. Also, installs are the main factors that influence the search algorithm of App Store. To be more specific, it includes active rates and uninstalls rates of users. Note that when your firstly release your app, Apple will attach special weight for it as it has no ratings and reviews when firstly released.

To conclude, the App Store is a dynamic kingdom, and we need to optimize each element dynamically to achieve great effects. The elements need to be optimized include keywords, icons, screenshot, video, ratings and reviews. What’s more, we should not ignore the other many factors too, such as app name, app title, subtitle and other points.


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