Basic Tutorial Series III: Screenshots and Videos Optimization

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In the last chapters, we have talked about basic tutorials on keywords, description and icon. And now, in this chapter, we are going to talk about screenshots and videos optimization. We have many researches and articles are mentioning about these parts. If you are interested, you can search and find them to learn some other tips that may be useful for you.


Screenshots should “describe” your app through attractive and suitable images. If your app is not that eye-catching, probably your screenshots will not have much charm to attract users at the first glance. It is a biggest problem for majority of users. They are very good at coding or programming; however, they are not professional designers so that they feel it’s beyond their capability to design an almost perfect app. In such a situation, there are two ways that can combine developers’ outstanding coding capability and common designing capability.

The first is to hire a professional designer, telling him/her your demand and plan about designing. The second method is to design by them and do some bambi test. Then we will recommend you that how to do bambi test. Firstly, you may find a potential user that has never used your app. Then developers should give the user a device with your app in it and let him/her try the app without saying anything related to the app’s features or even functions. When user is using the app, developers should carefully observe the way he/she is using to get the first impression of users about your app.

After doing the bambi test, you can try the second to constantly improve your app. In an ideal situation, your team members including programmers and designers are your perfect potential testers. Note that a user who has participated in the bambi test will have no need and meanings to try twice.

As for the design and usability of app, you will get many points to learn. But in the end, your app should be useable and useful. It should meet users’ demands to the most. The screenshots will display the features provided by your app. There are many kinds of styles of screenshots that you can refer to.


Screenshots show the static effects of app while videos can show the dynamic effects to display your app’s sound and pictures vividly.

Then what characteristics should a video have? Video should be short and concise as you can to describe all the features of your app and irritate users to download your app after watching the video. Generally speaking, the time of the video is limited by 1.5-2 minutes. It must be funny and attractive to keep users watch the video till the end and don’t feel boring. At the same time, the video should have sound and display the app in most occasions.

You may keep clear of the structure of video: the beginning part (for example, show app’s logo in somewhere), the main body (show your app) and the end (for example, invite users to download through an URL link or two-dimension code). Due to the truth that many mobile phone users will not activate sound, then you may make effort to create great visual effects.

For most users, if the app is paid, they may check the video to know app’s features and style. However, if the app is free and they are interested in it, they may just download to see.


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