ASM Tip: Fail to Write App Description and Spend More?

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During the ASM (App Store Search ads Marketing) campaigning, there is an important part of optimization. It is to guarantee impressions through relevance and various bidding schemes. However, developers should not ignore the importance of app’s description.

Here we are going to talk about how to take the advantages of app description to catch users’ eyes.

Firstly, we should note that whether the current version of App Store or the newly adjustments of iOS 11 (as exposed till now) of App Store, the weight of app description has gradually increased. And in the iOS 11 App Store, app description will have obvious position to show itself.

Although many users may not read all of the contents of your app description, but these users may have more value for your app’s promotion and improvement. It is because that these kinds of users are willing to spend time and energy to read app description and make the decision about if they are going to use your app.

What’s more, app description is the easiest part for you to make adjustment on you app product page. Therefore, we can totally use this function to constantly test and maximize the conversion rates of app description during ASM campaigning.

Use the first five lines to attract users

For those users who click on your app product page, the first five lines (225 characters) descriptions are visible without any extra clicks. If users click “More”, it will efficiently attract users to download your app, especially for those users who are not very familiar with your app before.

Simplify! It is greatly suggested that the description should be more and more simplified. Of course, it has a basis that app title and screenshots can provide an enough introduction of your app for users.

It is very important for developers to select and organize description. Each word has its positon and value.

·  Come straight to the point

Developers should use the most straight words to describe your app ad tell users what does your app work for? It can quickly catch users’ eyes and arouse their interests.

·  Easy to understand

Remember not to show off your professional words in app description past. It is a waste of space. Don’t say too many useless words to waste the precious opportunity of 5-line description.

·  Reflect app’s values

Let users know what your app can spaning to them and will they get a different experience from your app?

Contents of complete app description

After reading the first part of your app description, parts of users will click “more” to check the other parts. Congratulations! It’s time for us to go on the further step.

·  App description

When users are reading your app description, you must make it clear: when compared with others, what points of your app can attract users?

a.  Social identity (e.g. users count, praises, market shares)

b.  Curiosity (e.g. is it your app suitable for users? And is it your app suitable for certain kind of users?)

c.  Related cases or cost-effective description (e.g. free in limited time)

·  Introduction of functions

Developers need to use one or two sentences to introduce the main functions of app. If they can raise a question or explain what kinds of users is your app prepared for will be better.

·  Extra added parts

You need to add some other contents to make your users become more familiar to your app. For instance:

a.  Introduction of the main work flow of your app

b.  List of the main features of your app

c.  Bring some PR news or users’ reviews

d.  Show users your app’s unique features. What features your app has but the competitors don’t have.

·  Make good use of list/table

When describing the features of app, you can choose the form of list to display main features one by one.

a.  Each point is limited to at least one single line.

b.  Make the most important point rank top.

c.  Emphasize main points by underlining or bolding.

d.  Pay attention to composing and make it readable.

·  Team information

The team information may include the spanief introduction of your team and especially the team contact to ensure that when users are encountering problems can find your team to solve.

·  Accurate contents

To make the description accurate and comfortable, developers need to avoid wrong words or confused words. Also, it is noted that don’t use too many keywords together and without any logic.

·  Keep updated

You can update your app description on App Store after a period of time and analyze the conversions to evaluate results. Before analyzing, you should ensure that the other elements have no changes to better evaluate how the change of app description influences conversions.

·  Localization

Don’t ignore the importance of localization. It will be friendly to overseas users. It is believed that a localized app description has obvious influence on app downloads. Don’t let users feel confused about your app.

To conclude, an ideal app description should include a spanief and attractive title and arouse users’ interests to click “more”. And during writing the other parts of description, developers need attach attention to use suitable words to describe your app from various aspects and display its unique features.


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