ASM Bidding Strategy: 7 Bidding Issues Concerned by Developers

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Apple App Store Search ads Marketing (ASM) has been available in four countries for almost one year. It stands for the coming of the new searching ages of iOS. On the basis of Apple search ads, developers can use it to raise the traffic and conversion of apps on App Store. Therefore, lots of developers want to know the bidding strategies of ASM.

Here Appbi data will make a detailed explanation of ASM bidding strategies.

1. Why did developers pay much attention on bidding?

The principle of low costs with high rewards is all developers’ aspiration. Great ASM bidding strategies will help developers maximize ads effect with acceptable costs.

However, we should note that the bidding strategies of ASM are not invariable but dynamic. Developers should adjust strategies and update campaigned keywords based on competition, impressions, relevance and other metrics. There are the difficulties of ASM bidding strategies. No specific rules can be obeyed. Developers need to always consider the variable situations.

2. What is the lowest bid of ASM?

In ASM, the keywords are the goods and developers are bidders. But the auction is not decided by who bids higher. Apple sells the traffic spanought by “keywords”.

Therefore, what is the lowest bid of ASM? As Appbi researched, the lowest cost of Apple search ads is $0.05. If developers bid lower than $0.05, Apple will not display your ads.

3. If it is not too competitive, is it better to bid lower?

When developers are researching keywords, they may accidently find a new keyword that nobody has competed. In such a situation, they will put it into campaigns as soon as possible and hope that it can spaning perfect effect. So, how much do they bid for this keyword? If it is not too competitive, is it better to bid lower? The answer is NO.

As monitored, the bids will influence impressions. But when the bids have reached a certain low degree, Apple will not show your ads any more. No impressions spaning no conversions so it’s better for developers to raise bids.

4. Does CPA can be controlled directly?

CPA is uncontrollable. Only CPT is controllable. The price of CPA equals CPT divided by click conversion. But we may note that the counting cycle of Apple CPA is a month (30 days). For instance, if a user has clicked the ad but hasn’t downloaded, and one day he accidently downloads it within one month, this download will be counted into the first time he clicked.

5. Many developers campaign, how much could I bid?

Actually the fifth question has been answered in the above ones. About the specific bids, it is a question with no specific answer in Apple search ads. Every adjustment should be based on the actual data feedback.

Note that if developers bid a low price with no impressions or less impressions, there are no data about CPA or CPT. Developers need to adjust bids reasonably.

6. Why cannot see the impression on App Store?

As it is mentioned above, if developers bid too low, Apple will not show the ads. However, if you bid for a keyword with low competition, the ads will not be displayed too because the keyword has no or less relevance with your app. Apple considers the relevance very much.

Apple also considers users’ experiences very much so it’s better for developers not to campaign the keywords with less relevance to your app.

7. How judge the competition of keywords?

The competition of keywords will directly influence bids. If developers can catch the status of keywords, it will be very helpful.


Appbi ASM intelligent platform can monitor the popularity, priority, search results and campaigned apps of keywords in real time. It will be useful for developers who are going to participate in the search ads.


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