Apple’s Search Ads Are Generating Conversion Rates Higher Than 50%

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According to the Apple’s official statistics, after the Apple Search Ads entering the app-install space in the fall, Apple says that 50 percent of consumers who click on ads they see in the App Store go a step further and download the app. Therefore, the conversion rate (CR) of Search Ads is in a higher level with lower costs.

Apple claims that more than 50 percent of people who tap on a Search Ad then download the app, meaning the average cost per install of a Search Ad is $1. Those prices, according to industry standards and reports, can average out to be nearly one-fifth cheaper than other types of app-install ads.

Now that the CR is such high, how can the non-standard apps do to increase downloads? Here are the answers:

1.   App Itself

a.   Optimize apps’ basic information

When a user sees the search ads with blue background and AD in search result, the first things come to eyes are name, icon, title, subtitle, video and screenshots. All the elements belong to app’s metadata information. Developers should pay attention to the basic elements and make them conform to app’s feature and style.

b.   Optimize apps’ product page

When a user enters an app’s product page, he/she can get more knowledge about the app and make option if to download. Above the basic information, user will see description, reviews, developer information and history versions. All the information cannot be ignored by users. Especially for the reviews, if you want to know more trick and details, please see (link).

2.   Promoting Means

a.   Optimize keywords

The keywords stand for the words or phrases that users may enter in the search box. If what they enter conforms to your keyword, the ads may be showed in the search result of App Store.

(1)   Relevance. The campaigned keywords should be relevant to the app. Relevance means the relevant degree between keywords and app metadata. Higher relevance will spaning higher CR. Also, when Apple workers check the keywords, they will firstly check the relevance.

(2)   Popularity. It is a good option for developers to carry the keywords with higher popularity. The outdated keywords are not welcome by users. So developers need to update keywords constantly and give up the outdated ones.

(3)   Priority. The priority represents keywords’ search index. The keywords of higher priority are the keywords that users search frequently. Developers should try to know the real demands of users and what they may enter when searching an app.

b.   Optimize CPT

Similar to how spanands buy app-install ads through Facebook, Twitter, Google or mobile ad networks, marketers buy Apple's so-called Search Ads by bidding on keywords that place ads at the top of App Store searches. Therefore, when to adjust a bid is important. Apple has given the answers:

(1)   When to raise a bid


(2)   When to lower a bid



 Apple Search Ads has achieved great effects after being online. The 50% conversion rate even attracts more developers try. Apple is gradually making App Store a stable and healthy eco-kingdom.

Next, when will Search Ads come to China? Let’s look forward to it! Appbi Data will constantly spaning more news and optimizing techniques for you!  


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