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The report produced by AppBi concludes all the aspects of App Store Today, firstly gathering and analyzing all the data of Today since its birth (from 2017-09-09 to 2018-02-09). It focuses on the analysis of what Today’s promotion can spaning for apps and helps developers conclude the application process and requirements of Today.

As the coming of iOS 11, great updates have happened on Apple App Store, including new interface style, internal algorithm and other functions. Among all the updates, the newly-born Today gains more attention.

What is Apple Today?

How many stories have been published?

How many apps have been promoted?

Which app has been promoted mostly?

Which developer wins the best?

How about the promoting results?

What happens on rankings after promotion?


AppBi, an App Search Marketing pioneer, recently has released App Store Data Report on TODAY, aiming to spaning more insights for iOS developers!

Firstly let’s have a glance at Apple Today:

Today is derived from “Feature” of iOS 10 App Store. It displays 6 cards every day (US) with app stories in cards written by App Store editors, introducing many apps and games for iOS users. Generally, 6 cards will be displayed every day. There is no doubt that it is the best promoting way for iOS apps. Each card has theme, title, and story and downloads link, etc.


The report is based on the US Today data from 2017-09-09 to 2018-02-09 (153 days), including 918 stories and 2,403 apps.

1. Today Stories

1. 1 Themes of Today


GAME OF THE DAY, APP OF THE DAY and THE DAILY LIST are the top 3 themes of Today. The three accounts for about 60% of all the themes.

1.2 Apps of Each Story


It always promotes only 1 app of each story; while some may promote several apps at the same time. Generally speaking, one story with one app will lead to better results.

1.3 Times of Apps


For each app, it does not has only one chance to be selected by Today. If an app is really excellent or suitable for many themes, it may be promoted many times.

1.4 Best Stories of Today


The story listed above is written by App Store Today editors. With a narrative tone, the story leads us to a fairy tale world with weird, half-pipe and red snapper. It arouses users’ interests to find more funning things of the app. With the vivid story, this app has ranked higher than before and acquired numerous users.

2. Features of Today Apps

2.1 Categories


From the distribution of categories, it is concluded that Apple editors are more likely to select the apps of Games and Education. These kinds of apps have more opportunities.

2.2 Rating Stars


On the basis of AppBi’s analysis, rating star may be one of the standards of Apple editors. Higher rating stars generally mean higher quality of apps.

2.3 App Price


Apple sometimes may promote some paid apps so that it can also get benefits from them.

3. Top Apps ofToday

3.1 Apps Promoted Mostly


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Only parts of apps can be promoted many times. They are the “lucky dogs” among the millions of iOS apps.

3.2 Best Apps of “Free of Top Charts”


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For the Free of Top Charts, the top apps averagely has raised by 1481.

3.3 Best Apps of “Paid of Top Charts”


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For the Paid of Top Charts, the top apps averagely has raised by 1496.

3.4 Best Apps of “Top Grossing of Top Charts”


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For the Top Grossing of Top Charts, the top apps averagely has raised by 1318.

4. Top Developers ofToday



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From the Top 10 list, we can find that, besides some qualified developers’ products, Apple will also promote its own apps. 

5. Overview of Rank Changes

5.1 Changes after Promotion


From the top bar chart, we can know that for the three situations of top charts, most apps rank higher than before, some rank lower and some can reach the top 1 after promotion.

5.2 Changes within 7 Days


On the account of AppBi’s research, it is concluded that for any top charts, the average rank rising ranges will be smaller as time goes.

6. Surprising App

—— Splitter Critters


The app [Splitter Critters] has been promoted several times. And after each promotion, it ranks higher than before, even reaching top 10.

One of the most rewarding things is that [Splitter Critters] has been selected by Apple as the “Best App of 2017”.


7. Disappointing App

—— Apps that have been promoted by Today more than once have no rises on ranking.


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Stickers and Health & Fitness are the most disappointing categories. It means that Today has promoted apps of these categories; However, the apps have not been listed by App Store in any top charts.

8. Conclusion

8.1 Data Report

This AppBi report onTodayis based on 918 Today stories and 2,403 apps.

Among all the reporting details:

The most frequent themes are: GAME OF THE DAY, APP OF THE DAY and THE DAILY LIST;

One story may promote 1 app or 20 apps at the same time;

The best story can lead to huge rising of the promoted app;

Most apps are promoted by Today once only;

The app [Netflix] has been promoted 16 times by Today;

Games and Education apps are mostly promoted;

The selected apps mainly have 4.5 rating stars;

Large number of apps’ ranking rises after promotion;

Some of them even reach Top 50 or Top 10;


The questions about Today may be solved.

This is the “story” of Today and we can find many funny details or some surprising ones. AppBi hopes that the data and analysis can be useful for you.

8.2 Future Trends

On the account of the AppBi’s findings, it seems that Today selects apps randomly; However, some common features of the selected apps may be picked. What are the common requirements of those promoted apps? AppBi guesses that in future, Today will take the following factors into consideration when selecting apps.

High Quality Apps:

An app with high quality interface and creative functions will have more opportunities to be promoted by Today. Also, a high quality app means it can meet users’ certain demands.

User-friendly Interface:

As we know that both Apple’s hardware products and software ones tend to keep a simplest style, so simple designing style and user-friendly interface will catch App Store editors’ eyes.

Fluent Operating Process:

If an app is operated not smoothly, it may lose plenty of users due to the bugs. Fluent operating process can be a basic requirement of a high quality app.

Except for the above listed ones, some extra points may also be important. For example:

·  Firstly-released apps or updated apps: according to AppBi’s analysis, those apps that are firstly-released on App Store or updated for a new version have more opportunities to be selected.

·  Eye-catching stories of apps: as we know that Today will introduce an app with words, images and videos sometimes, so an app with an eye-catching story may make itself stand out.

This report made by AppBi is aimed to help more developers get the knowledge of Today and learn more about its data. AppBi believes that Today will select and introduce more high quality apps in future. And users can find their favorite apps when reading stories.


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