AppBi Index allows advertisers to break the technology barriers

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China’s leading search ads intelligent bidding platform AppBi today announced its most updated WAP version after the Web product matured and supported hundreds of clients and advertisers. Meanwhile, the company successfully launched new product AppBi Index this September to help marketers and business professionals who have little programming or technical experience.

With AppBi Index, Buying Ads can be EASY


Today, Apple Search Ads has become one of the most prominent platforms for advertisers with 50% average conversion rate and 65% downloads directly coming from search. As Apple Search Ads planning to penetrate China market, more developers and agencies began to seek services from this emerging platform which can be more powerful than Google. However, marketers have to decode a variety of programming languages and technical terms to master Search Ads in Apple.

AppBi Index utilized Google Trends, Baidu Index, Bing Search Index, Apple Search Ads results, popularity, competitiveness, and trendiness as well as constructed an effective model that could help advertisers to make better decisions through the intelligent platform. Over the past years, AppBi has successfully tested the model and helped hundreds of clients to find the most optimized bidding solutions.


AppBi Index and the intelligent bidding platform are very self-explanatory to people from all backgrounds. As long as you have 3-5 minutes to learn about the products, bidding on Apple Search Ads can become more accessible than ever.


Apple Search Ads now is available in 13 countries including leading App markets such as U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Japan, Korea, and many others. As Chinese companies are going global and actively seeking opportunities overseas, AppBi’s Web and WAP intelligent platforms which available to App stores in 13 countries, can be substantial assistance to marketers in any time and location.


Stability is the key


Partnered with Apple, AppBi can acquire Apple’s most updated App Store data in every three hours and App Ranking records in every 24 hours. AppBi is considered not only a pioneer in ASM in China, but also a global leader capable of providing stable and professional services. A/B tests proved that AppBi Go intelligent algorithm improved 60% of average conversion rate.

About AppBi

AppBi is one of the firsts in China to provide services in Apple App Store optimization and Data Analytics. Through Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, we aim to become a global leader in Apple Search Ads Intelligent Bidding to help developers achieve higher ROI and better spananding. Our mission is to utilize our years of experience in the industry and advanced technology in big data to provide developers worldwide with professional and effective market promotion solutions.


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無料で$ 100を受け取る

新規登録すると、無料で $100パウチャーを受け取り、AppBiでのApple Search Adsに利用できます。時間も数量も限定で、速く受け取りましょう。