Appbi Exclusive: New Contents from Apple Search Ads Help Document Reveal More Useful Details

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Recently, Apple Search Ads has updated its official help document, mainly adding various contents based on the original version. The new version consists of more detailed contents to guide daily actions in Search ads and explain for developers (advisers). For instance,

How to get more impressions?

How to add keywords?

How to adjust bids?

Appbi has made great efforts to sum up all the new contents and share them with you. As the following:


Next, Appbi will show you 5 parts of them in detail that all the contents are concerned by developers.

1.   How to have more ads impressions?

In the section of Campaign Issues, there is one part tells about that developers cannot see impressions on their ads. This happens sometimes in actual situation. How to solve this? In the original help document, Apple only explains the factors of no impressions spaniefly.

 “There are many factors that affect whether your ad receives impressions, including relevancy and bid amount comparative to your competitors, and the number of times users on the App Store are searching for apps like yours.”

While the new version has further told the methods to increase impressions:

• Increase your max cost-per-tap bid. Many developers raise it gradually while tracking results.

• Turn on Search Match for automatic search term matching

• Analyze Search Match results to identify search terms that are performing well and add them as bidded keywords at a higher cost-per-tap.

• Check your CPA. If you set your CPA goal too low or below your maximum CPT bid, you may miss out on valuable impressions and conversions.

2.   When to add a keyword?

As for the Keywords section, the help document now has four parts: How to choose keywords? When to add a keyword? How to use negative keywords? How to use negative keyword match types? All of them can guide developer know the best time to add a keyword and achieve better effect.

When a particular keyword is performing well, you can use the keyword suggestion tool to see recommendations for more keywords like it. Simply highlight and click on the recommended keyword. You can also add your own keyword in the box, and edit the match type for each keyword. Click Save to add the new keywords that you’ve chosen to your ad group.”

   When a certain keyword has good effect, you may as well the suggestion tool to find more good ones.

3.   How to change a bid

In the original version of Adjusting bids, it includes the methods of increasing and reducing bids. And the new one adds more details in how to change a bid.

Ad group level

To change your default cost per tap bid across your entire ad group, follow these steps:

1.   From your campaign view, click on the campaign with the ad group default cost-per-tap bid you want to change.

2.   In the Manage your ad group view, click on the amount in the Default CPT Bid column.

3.   Enter your new amount in the highlighted field.

4.   Click the check mark to confirm.

Keyword level To change your bid for an individual keyword, follow these steps:

1.   From your campaign view, click on the campaign with the ad group containing the keyword and bid you want to change.

2.   Click on the ad group in the Manage your ad groups view.

3.   Find the keyword in the Manage your keywords view.

4.   Click on the amount in the CPT Bid column.

5.   Enter your new amount in the highlighted field.

6.   Click the check mark to confirm.

Note that your new bid amount must be less than your budget. To change your budget see the Managing budgets section.

Based on the ads results, developers can adjust bids from ad group level or keyword level at any time.

4.   Add “Match Source” to Performance Data


5.   Debit Card is Available

Debit card along with credit card is now available as a payment method in Apple Search ads.

Search Ads accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For Discover, we can only accept payment in U.S. dollars, and your account billing currency must be set to the U.S. dollar.”

Search Ads now supports both credit card and debit card. It is believed that in future it will support more payment methods to facilitate developers.

Get knowledge of the details of Apple Search Ads official help document can greatly help developers get more techniques. Also, developers who track the official documents anytime and anywhere can make better schemes. Appbi Data as a leader platform of Apple Search Ads will continuously keep eyes on official information and inform you timely.


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