Ride-hailing Didi once again raises safety concerns, and here is what China can learn from India

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Ride-hailing Didi once again raises safety concerns, and here is what China can learn from India

A passenger in eastern China was raped and killed by a driver from China’s largest ride-hailing company this August had once again fueled safety concerns about the service. Last month, local police ordered Didi to suspend its carpooling service after a series of events sparked public anger.

This May, a murdered flight attendant and public discontent forced Didi to step up its safety measures, but the profit-driven company was unwilling to terminate its lucrative carpooling services. As late-hours working became a prevalent problem in China, safety at night also grew to become one of the most pressing issues faced by the country.

As Chinese government and corporations work together to seek solutions, the neighboring country with a notorious reputation for safety concerns seems to already have an answer---An App named “One Touch Response” which provides 24/7 safety guard.

The country was especially unsafe for women. In 2015, crimes against women reached 327, 394 in India, a 30% rise compared to 2012. Lacking solutions from the government, many rape criminals ended up with no charge. According to UN official reports, India ranks 125th in female rights whereas its economic growth topped the world.

As urban crime peaked in 2014, One Touch Response also gained popularity in metropolitans like New Deli. Few months after its launch, registered users tripled and the App caught attention by many leading media outlets in India. Locals claim in interviews that this App is much better than the police.

Similar to ride-hailing Uber, One Touch Response could book safety guards with only one touch. By just pressing the button, a team of guards will immediately locate the victim and arrive for rescue. With an advanced mapping system, the App can identify faster and more accurate than the local police. In addition to individual services, the company also provide a series of safety solutions to companies and families.

According to founder Manoj Chadra, female and impoverished Indians often failed to enjoy the rights of public security. The police resource was minimal, and male police sometimes ended up helping the criminals. The pressing issues triggered Chadra to launch One Touch Response. Without going through phones and pressing the numbers, users only need one touch to call for the help.

Demand for safety App proliferates on a global scale

Apple Search Ads Specialist AppBi shows demand for safety products has increased rapidly. From 2017 to 2023, the market shares for personal tracking services are expected to grow 13% on average every year. In 2023, total market size is estimated to reach $50 billion.

In 2016, Chinese version of One Touch Response Huohuo was launched as China’s first personal guards’ booking system. The company started off with a group of veterans who provided premium security services for companies and celespanities. Eventually, the App expanded their services to everybody.

North America is the first market, but demand remains low

While safety Apps are gaining increasing popularities in Asia, the very first market, North America, was suffering from a lack of audience. Neither early player bSafe, nor female-concentrated App Elle performs well in the U.S. App stores.

According to AppBi’s findings, North American users are susceptible with data sharing and personal tracking. Policy restrictions, the risk of data leaking, balancing between police and private corporations, all have become major causes that stem safety market to grow and thrive in North America. Up until now, tracking systems have mainly been used for lost and found and rarely connected to the word “safety.”

Compared to the North American market, Asian countries like India sees more rapid growth.

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